Information for parents about Pritt Kidz

In our Pritt Kidz area we offer your children at the age of 7 to 11 years a mix of entertainment, information, creative crafting ideas and useful crafting tips.

Your kids get to explore the world of pirates, knights or fantasy figures and find impulses to be creative themselves. Furthermore they are provided with background information about the manufactoring of the Pritt Glue Stick. 

Specials: world of adventure and fantasy

Here your kids are invited to discover a world of adventure and fantasy: they get to know lots of interesting facts about pirates and knights and learn about fabulous creatures like wizards, giants and fairies. This way they gain knowledge while at the same time getting inspired to let their imagination run and to create their own fantastic and adventurous stories.

Cool ideas

In this area your children find a wide choice of cool crafting ideas to get creative themselves. Our selection includes recommendations for X-mas and Easter as well as for the above mentioned specials adventure and fantasy.

Rudolph giftbox, crown or pony stables: your kids will most certainly find an idea they like, no matter if they are boys or girls. Look at the pictures of the crafting ideas together and choose your favorite one! With a mouseclick you can refer to further instructions and start crafting immediately.

Crafting friends

Sometimes, children have more fun practicing an activity when they see other children doing it. Therefore in our “Crafting friend” section we provide some kids crafting stories as a special inspiration. Let your kids see how 8-year-old Mara and 10-year-old Nico make their favorite crafts. Then maybe they like to join in and have fun crafting too.

Pritt TV

On Pritt TV your children can view tutorial videos of selected crafting ideas. In there, they can see how those craftings are made, listen to the given explanations and follow the instructions step by step. This will make it even easier for them to recreate the chosen craft work. 

Making of Pritt

Almost every kid knows the Pritt Glue Stick and what it is used for. But only few know how it is produced and what materials it consists of. Under the category “Making of Pritt” your kids get some interesting background information about the manufactoring of Pritt.