Jumbo Jet

  • Difficulty Level
    Difficulty Level
  • Age
    3 to 6 years
  • Who`s crafting?
    Who`s crafting?
    Parents with kids
  • Theme
    Fun and games

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An airplane made of paper boxes

Even little children can craft this airplane. The finished jumbo jet is great for playing and a neat decoration for the child's room if you tie it with a thread to the ceiling.


  • 1 oblong paper box (e.g. an empty medicine carton box)
  • 1 match box
  • 1 plastic lid of a bottle
  • coloured craft sticks
  • 2 corks
  • 3 buttons
  • a piece of pipe cleaner/chenille stem
  • tinted paper
  • coloured construction paper
  • Pritt glue stick
  • Pritt Creative & Easy PVA glue


  • scissors
  • pencil


Step 1

At first, glue the tinted paper onto the two boxes to hide the imprint. Cut the paper into proper stripes and glue them all over the boxes. The Pritt glue stick works perfectly here.

Step 2

The airplane wings are made of construction paper. Think about how big you want the wings to be. Cut a proper stripe off the construction paper. Then glue it carefully with Pritt glue stick onto the large paper box.

Step 3

With a match-box and a craft stick you can construct the tailpiece of the plane. Glue the match-box onto one end of the box. Then fixate the craft stick on the top of the match-box and the tail is done.

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Step 4

Make the undercarriage of your plane with a piece of hairy wire and two buttons. Thread the buttons on the wire. Then bend the endings of the wire and thead them back through the second buttonhole. Now fixate the undercarriage with Pritt glue stick onto the bottom of the paper box.

Step 5

All that’s missing is a propeller. This is made of the plastic lid of a bottle and craft sticks. Trim the craft sticks with scissors to a proper length. Glue them carefully with Pritt Creative & Easy PVA glueonto the plastic lid. Glue a little button onto the top and the propeller is finished. Allow some time for drying before you glue it onto your plane.

Step 6

Corks are great for crafting the engines for your jet. First glue tinted paper around the corks. Then fixate them with Pritt Creative & Easy PVA glue beneath the airplane wings.

Step 7

Finally you can decorate your airplane as you like it. Cut out stripes and stars from construction paper and glue them onto your plane. When it’s all dry, you can start playing with it.


Plastic parts stick better to paper if the Pritt Creative & Easy dries for a few minutes before you put it onto the paper.

For parents/ adults:

It is hard for small children's hands to cut the craft sticks and pipe cleaner into pieces. You may help them.