Easter bunny meadow

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    Difficulty Level
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    3 to 6 years
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Where are the Easter eggs hidden?

Every Easter bunny needs a meadow where they can hide their eggs. Do you want to make your own meadow? You can hide loads of Easter eggs on this homemade Easter meadow. And the little Easter bunny is also lurking among the grass.


  • green craft paper, 50x70 cm
  • photo paper, various colours
  • Pritt Magic Stick


  • pencil
  • felt tip pens
  • scissors

For parents/adults:

Even the youngest Easter bunnies can cut out the Easter meadow. Make sure that the grass doesn't all get completely stuck down.


Step 1

First, make the grass for the Easter meadow. Cut the green craft paper into approx. 4 cm wide strips. Then snip lots of blades of grass. Then cut into each strip very finely along one of the long edges. 

Cut very carefully so that you do not cut the strip up completely. The blades of grass have to stay attached to each other.

Step 2

Then stick the strips onto a piece of craft paper. Start at the top edge. Only glue the bottom part of the strips. The strips should overlap to form a thick 'rug'.

Step 3

Trace the template for the Easter eggs and Easter bunny onto the coloured paper. Cut them out. Draw the bunny's eyes on with felt tip pen. Colour in or stick colourful decorations on the Easter eggs.

Step 4

Now you can hide the Easter eggs and the bunny in the meadow. Simply slide them between the blades of grass so that they are only just sticking out.

Tips and tricks:

You can make the paper strips for the blades of grass really easily with a shredder.