We are committed to leadership in sustainability.

Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to the Henkel corporate culture for decades, and this is reflected in our corporate values. Our pursuit of sustainability is both long-term and entrepreneurial in nature, covering all of our activities throughout the value chain. We provide products, technologies and processes that meet the highest standards. We are committed to the safety and health of our employees, the protection of the environment and the quality of life in the communities in which we operate.

Having invested many years of focused effort in the cause of sustainable development, Henkel has built up an excellent reputation as a company with globally leading positions in this arena. And we are determined to remain in the vanguard of sustainability. The foundation for this is provided by all our employees around the world, in whose minds the principles of sustainable development are firmly anchored, guiding their attitudes and actions.

The global challenges of sustainable development are continuing to increase as a result of world population growth, rising standards of living and consumption, and the associated use of resources. Worldwide, growth and quality of life must be decoupled from resource consumption and emissions.

We recognize this challenge and take it into account in our strategy. Our contribution as a company is to develop innovative products and processes that consume fewer resources while still offering the same or even better performance.

With this in mind, we are consistently optimizing all our brands and technologies in all phases of their life cycle: research and development, sourcing of raw materials, production, use and disposal.

Within Henkel, Pritt manages to strike a balance between innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability by developing efficient and eco-friendly products, for example:

Adhesives - Pritt Stick

  • Unique combination of 90% natural ingredients formulation based on potato starch and sugar
  • Glues double amount of paper than main competitor*
  • Even strong adhesion on crafting materials other than paper
  • Excellent washability even down to 20°C

(*analyzed by the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute)

Correction - Pritt Ecomfort Roller

  • First correction roller in the world with shells made out of 89 percent natural plastic
  • Solvent and acid free
  • Awarded third place for “Bio-based Material of the Year 2010” at the Hanover Fair
  • Comfortable handling: sideway application and ergonomic design

Correction - Pritt Compact Roller

  • No solvents or other toxic ingredients as in most correction fluids
  • Ergonomic form
  • Produced in reduced emission plant*

*As published in the Henkel sustainability report 2010, verifiable at